White fungus is known to be good for skin and lungs. I tried making white fungus dessert previously but it was not wow. It was through a staff event that I obtained this brilliant recipe from my colleague. I also learned that sugar should be added at the end before serving and not be boiled for too long, otherwise, it will make the soup bitter.

1 white fungus
1 handful of red dates
1 handful of wolf berries
1 handful of Chinese almonds (nanbeixing)
1 handful of lotus seeds
2 pieces medium-sized rock sugar
2l water
8-9 pieces of papaya (optional)

1. Wash all ingredients (except rock sugar, papaya and wolf berries) and put to boil for an hour.
2. Add rock sugar, papaya and wolf berries, and boil until rock sugar is dissolved. It’s ready to serve.