Just returned from Koh Samui and was impressed by the impeccable service at Anantara Lawana Samui Resort. They served us with a fruit sorbet every day at the pool and it was simply divine in the hot weather. They had this amazing drink called Tropical Delight, a concoction of mango, lychee and orange. I decided to remake Tropical Delight at home but in sorbet!! As I couldn’t find fresh lychees, decided to omit lychees and just used fresh mango and pasteurized orange juice.

2 fresh mangoes
1 cup fresh or pasteurized orange juice
10 small cups (you can use sake cups or shot glasses
10 small plastic spoons or ice cream sticks

1. Cut mangoes and put them into blender.
2. Add orange juice and start blending.
3. Once you achieve a smooth mixture, pour into glasses or small cups. Using sake-sized cups, the mixture can fill 10 cups.
4. Put the plastic spoons in the centre of the cups and put all in freezer to freeze.
5. Once frozen, it’s ready to serve. Wait a while to allow sorbet to melt a little so that you can pull out the sorbet stick.