My brother tempted us into buying 京華火腿 (Jinghua ham). Coincidentally on a Saturday morning when I visited my favourite dried food stall around where I’m staying, they were selling it. According to the stall owner, it’s sold only once a year. I reckoned it must be a Chinese New Year to-have like waxed duck, waxed sausages, etc. The owner told me that we can steam it, fry with kailan or cook it in fried rice. My hubby googled for recipes and found a vegetable recipe, which I improvised it later to save myself some hassles.

2 bunches of Xiang Mai vegetables, can be more if you have more people
A small cube of Jinghua ham cut into slices
A cup of hot water
4-5 ginger slices cut into strips
1 tablespoon cooking oil

Heat up cooking oil and add Jinghua ham, stir fry for a while and add ginger and stir fry until ginger turns slightly brown
Lower the heat and pour in water, do have a lid in place to prevent oil splatter
Boil mixture for a few minutes and finally add vegetables in, stir fry for a few minutes and it’s ready to serve